The GENIE Docs

Welcome and thanks for jumping into the GENIE network! This page lists our core team handbook and other resources we hope help kickstart active member involvement. None are required reading (unless you are hoping to become core team), all are occasionally updated, and we try to make them fun. So follow your curiosity! Self-organizing starts with YOU.


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Get in touch if you'd like to help with any of these!

Learn faster, together. Work out loud!

Learn faster, together. Work out loud!

The GOrge GENIE Handbook

We are an Open Collective. We default to open regarding not only the finances of our community fund, but also our dynamic governance and insights as we self-organize. This handbook is essential reading for new GENIEs hoping to work with our team, but we also hope it provides useful ideas for organizational leaders curious about moving away from traditional rigid hierarchies. Feedback and ideas are greatly appreciated!

Our maps are Kumu powered. Thanks kumus!

Our maps are Kumu powered. Thanks kumus!

Learn Kumu

Kumu, mapping software used to "help the world’s top organizations overcome complexity", is the wonderful platform that powers our maps. It's also one of the mostpowerful and innovative tools we know.  GENIE's founder, Christina Bowen, is listed on their site as one of a handful of 'recommended kumus'. It's fair to say that GENIE would not exist without Kumu and the insights that stem from learning to use this amazing tool.

Want to see what you find out? Learn Kumu too!

GENIE helps the Gorge navigate complexity. Be a navigator!

GENIE helps the Gorge navigate complexity.
Be a navigator!

Navigating the gorge network

Modern data visualization has moved from a novelty to a necessity for many organizations, journalists and researchers. Most infographics don't change. Our Gorge GENIE Network Map does. Working with Kumu's dynamic maps has made us realize something we think is missing: a process designed to keep our information relevant. The Gorge map is designed to be dynamic, to grow and serve our community's changing needs. Our mapping process document keeps the lovely complexity of a dynamic map from disintegrating into chaos. A slog for general readers, but essential preparation for any GENIEs aspiring to join the map curation team.

NOTE: you do not need to learn Kumu to be a navigator!