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GENIE creates and maintains a network map as a public resource to help organizations and communities throughout the Gorge better see how we impact and align with each other. We help people collaborate, compare strategic goals, and learn faster, together.


Uniting Gorge communities


We host collaborative events to align organizations and communities around common outcomes, coordinate teams and share resources. Our event activities help people learn together, develop strategic cross-network relationships and skills, find key leverage points, and show their own impacts.



Navigate change. Together.

Our collaborative events also inform how we see the Gorge. To navigate change well in today’s complex world, we need new kinds of maps. GENIE is building such a map for the Gorge.


GENIE designs and maintains an interactive Gorge-wide network map as a public resource. We help people and organizations use this map to better navigate the changes that matter to them.

We need better ways of seeing and understanding each other.

What will y/our genie help you see?

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Navigate change. Together.

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Current Events


Our inaugural Explore the Gorge series coming in 2018!

mapping the gorge: a series of events designed to inform the DATA structure of the network map

If we went ahead and built the best network map of the Gorge that we can, showing the purposes and activities that we think people care about, we'd end up with something people see and say, "Wow, neat!" but rarely use. We want the map to be truly useful, grounded in the outcomes and data people care about in their daily work.

This event series is designed to put concepts and metrics that our businesses, organizations and communities care about on our shared map. This will help ensure this resource is valuable for both organizations working on their own vision, and for collaborative efforts towards a better future.

Early participants will have the unique opportunity to shape the map to their own needs.




Gorge EXPERIMENT in Network Intelligence and Engagement

Our vision is one of effective collaboration throughout the Gorge towards a more resilient future. To get there requires:

  1. fast access to relevant information and tools,
  2. identifiable strategic paths and partnerships, and
  3. pooled ideas and resources.

Our events and maps support all three. What will y/our GENIE discover?

Learn about the Gorge network map

Learn about the Gorge network map

Outcomes we strive for:

  • effective time and resource allocation

  • improved community coordination

  • greater visibility of resources

  • Better investments, for everyone.

  • collaborative skills building

  • a vibrant volunteer network

  • stronger bonds among diverse people

  • Lots of fun, for everyone!

..and a thriving, healthy Gorge.

Five Aspects of Community Wellbeing

All of our events and maps are structured with the following aspects of community wellbeing in mind:

Economy and Opportunity:

Education, Employment, Goods and Services, Technology, Tourism

Community Engagement:

Design, Governance, Justice, Media and Communication, Politics and Policy

Ecology and Place:

Agriculture, Energy, Housing and Development, Water, Wildlands

Strong Social Relationships:

Arts and Culture, Faith and Reverence, Leadership Development, Service and Volunteering, Social Skills

MindBody Wellness:

Exercise, Food and Nutrition, Medicine, Mindfulness, Shelter and Security

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GENIE exists to help you work on what's important to you.

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What We DO

Gorge Experiment in Network Intelligence and Engagement.

GENIE helps people, organizations and communities of the Columbia River Gorge find alignment, see their common goals and navigate complex problems, together.